Tuesday, March 21, 2017

New Classes and Summer Plans

                                     Due to increasing demand I have added a "Siblings' Preparation Class"

This session can help prepare your child(ren) to welcome their sibling with love and acceptance. If you are planning a hospital birth learn tools to help for an easy transition for your older child. If you are planning a home birth or a hospital birth where you plan on having your older child present at the birth, this session can help prepare your child(ren) for what to expect and how to be a loving participant in the process. Some people fear that having siblings at the birth may be traumatizing for a child, but when prepared appropriately it actually can become a very positive experience that makes them feel like an integral part of the process and they learn to see birth as a positive and empowering experience.
For more information please visit the Classes tab

Annual Summer Trip to Spain

Our annual Waterbirth Workshops in Spain are well on their way. We have 3 waterbirth workshops scheduled throughout Spain and they are all almost at capacity. We are also offering an Embrace the Miracle class. This year I am staying a little longer so I can actually have a vacation! If you are looking to book me for births between mid July and mid August please make sure you do so before the end of May so that I may be able to support your birth journey.

Birth Counseling and Childbirth Education

I have decided to start focusing more on the preparation aspect of birth. I love teaching and sharing the knowledge I have gained and continually gain. So whether you just want to create a conscious pregnancy and birth, or you are looking to work on past birth trauma please see the Classes tab as well as the Birth Counseling tab

I am still working on that bigger and kind of "secret" project but am taking baby steps as I learn and become ready to share... stay tuned...

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