Being prepared mentally, physically and emotionally can make a big difference in how you welcome your baby into this world, it is one of the best things you can do to lovingly create a healthy and happy pregnancy, birth, and baby:

Please join us for the following Classes and Pregnancy Guided Meditation 


This class is to help you get started off on the right path to a healthy pregnancy and birth. Often times when a woman takes a childbirth education class it is in the 3rd trimester, by that time a lot of the things that are taught are things that a woman should have known from the beginning of pregnancy. This class is aimed at women in their first or second trimester, and will cover: choosing the right care provider and place of birth for you, how to become an informed patient, how to ask the right questions, exercise, nutrition, tests, procedures, interventions, and other important issues to get you on the right track from start.
$60 for a group class, $140 private. 

In this class we will delve into what it means to have an empowered birth and be the one who is truly giving birth. In other words, learning to listen to your body, your baby, and your instincts. Unlearn "usual" birth positions and expectations to get in touch with natural and instinctual labor and birthing positions, in order to ease your labor and you baby's birth. Break free from the idea that it is the doctor or midwife who delivers the baby. Understand that you and you alone, under the watchful eye of a respectful care provider, have all you need to birth and catch your own baby. 
$60 for a group class, $140 private. 

This class will teach you the tools you can use to help make your birth experience a more comfortable one. The techniques covered include: positions, relaxation, breathing, visualization, massage, natural remedies, aromas, lighting, atmosphere, and more.
$50 for a group class, $110 for private. 

This class will discuss common medical interventions in pregnancy and labor, as well as newborn procedures. If you plan to give birth in the hospital you need to know: what interventions are done and what procedures are followed, why they are done, what the benefits and risks are, which ones are optional, and how to go about making the best decision for yourself and your baby. Recognize that you have choices, discover what a respectful birth is for you, and learn about different philosophies and techniques for comfortable childbirth. This way you can make informed decisions and play an active role in your birth experience. This class is also good as a refresher class or to accompany hospital or community based childbirth education classes. 
$60 for a group class, $140 private. 

Information that will be covered includes: Pregnancy Anatomy, Pregnancy Discomforts, Nutrition, Exercise, Prenatal Development, Danger Signals in Pregnancy, Labor and Birth, Labor Coping Skills, Relaxation Techniques, Birth Philosophies, Choices, Options and Rights, Medications and Procedures, Cesarean Birth, Birth Plans, Newborn Care, Feeding Your Newborn, Fetal Development and Bonding, Care provider and place of delivery options, Postpartum Care, Questions and Concerns, and more!  The series is offered in a weekend course or in a 4 week series (usually once a week for 3 h./week).
$175 for a group class, $450 private.  

This session can help prepare your child to welcome their sibling with love and acceptance. If you are planning a hospital birth learn tools to help for an easy transition for your older child. If you are planning a home birth or a hospital birth where you plan on having your older child present at the birth this session can help prepare your child for what to expect and how to be a loving participant int he process. Some people fear that having siblings at the birth may be traumatizing for a child, but when prepared appropriately it actually can become a very positive experience that makes them feel like an integral part of the process and they learn to see birth as a positive and empowering experience.
$50 for a group class, $110 for private

Pregnancy is a very emotional time, a time when the mind is often occupied and overwhelmed with a lot of information, learn to quite that mind, relax and listen to the voice within. 
Single private session $50, group session $20
Package of 3 or more sessions $40 for private, $15 for group

Don't see the class you are looking for? Let me know what you need and I will create a custom class for you! Based on my many years of experience as a childbirth educator, doula and educator, as well as my research, preparation and certificates etc., I can create the class you are looking for!
$35 per hour


      Preregistration is required. If you don't see a class listed please call or email to schedule one. 
Classes are continually offered.
Email here

Group Classes are held at The Sol Oasis 
408 E Ocean Ave, Boynton Beach, FL 33435

Pregnancy Meditation and Movement - By appointment - Saturdays at 10:00 am

Join us for weekly pregnancy meditation, and yoga inspired poses. Get your body, mind and soul ready for the journey that is pregnancy and birth. 

Meditation creates an opportunity to connect with your baby and your body as you slow down and allow thoughts and feelings to flow through you while you quiet your mind and send love to your baby.

Through movement and yoga poses loosen and stretch your body to relieve any discomfort caused by the changes in pregnancy, and help you prepare for birth.

By connecting to your body, your breath and your thoughts you will become more in tune with your body and baby’s needs allowing for a more pleasurable pregnancy and birth. 

This is a donation class. (Suggested donation is $10 but all amounts above and below are welcome).

NATURAL Childbirth Education Series
“When a pregnant woman has, or rediscovers trust in herself and her body, and receives the utmost respectful care and support,
birth becomes a wonderful experience; not only because of the birth of the baby,
but because of the immense love and power that she is able to feel.”

Join us for a revolving series of four, 2 hour Natural Childbirth Education Classes that will help you get in touch with or rediscover that power within you; and, through education, information and the knowledge gained, help you make informed decisions for a safe, loving and natural birth experience.

Topics include “Intervention Intelligence Birth and Baby”“Comfort Measures”, Empowered Birth, “Creating a Birth Plan”. (For more details and each class see description below). Meditations for pregnancy will be a part of each class. 

Saturdays at 11 am. You must RSVP.
Come in for one or sign up for all four. Start at any time!
Each class is $30 or $100 for all four.

Space is limited to 5 couples and you must RSVP. To reserve a spot please call 561-808-3142
Private Childbirth Education Classes are always available for your convenience.


When should I take the classes?
Many times classes are taken in the last semester, there is a lot of information that is helpful to know early on in pregnancy. A woman can start classes as early as the first or second trimester. I recommend even starting in pre-conception.

What is difference between A Loving Birth Childbirth Education Classes and Hospital Childbirth Education Classes? 
Although a hospital class covers the basics of labor and birth, it doesn't usually discuss in detail the routine procedures or what they are for, your labor choices and options, or all the wonderful birthing techniques that are available. Hospitals have certain policies and procedures in place which aren't always necessary, are NOT evidence based and are done as a routine. As a patient giving birth in a hospital you have the right to be informed of the choices you have. These classes will not only teach you the basics of labor and birth but you will also learn about different procedures, your rights, perspectives on birth, and about all the wonderful birthing options available to you. With the right information and support you can make fully informed decisions and have a safe and beautiful birth the way you envision.

What parents are saying about the classes:

Intervention Intelligence is a very eye opening class. I highly recommend it to everyone. Zeresh was our labor support and birthing doula. Could not have done it without her! ~ Shayne

I found it to be very informative and educational. Zeresh made it fun and easy to understand. After taking the classes I feel I can pick and choose what I think is best for my child and me during my pregnancy, labor and delivery. I feel like an educated mother and I am confident in my ability to deliver and care for my child and myself. Thank you for educating and inspiring me to take control and learn about my pregnancy Zeresh! ~ Tamari
Thank you so much for the classes! They were very informative! My husband and I learned so much. We feel so much more prepared for everything! I can't believe how much information there is to know! Thanks again! We really enjoyed it! :)  ~ Jessica

THANK YOU!!! My husband and I really enjoyed the class ;). I was surprised he said it was really great. I didn't think he'd be that into it. Thank you! ~ Andrea

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