Blissborn Classes


Blissborn childbirth classes are the most comprehensive classes available.

Through various tools and techniques, including a safe and gentle way to overcome fears and how to transform pain, you learn to deeply relax your body and mind in labor, so that labor will flow with more ease and comfort.

You will learn about the different stages of labor and what to expect, and you will receive a wide range of information on the most common interventions used in labor and birth so that you can make truly informed decisions.

Your partner or support person (if applicable) will learn tools and techniques so that they will feel prepared, enjoy the process, and provide the best support. 

Blissborn helps you have your best birth possible.

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The ideal time to take the classes is between 25 and 32 weeks, but you can take them as late or as early as you'd like.

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Learn techniques that will shorten your labor and minimize your discomfort.

Why Blissborn?

Because we focus on what's important to you, and deliver it to you in a way that makes sense.

In your Blissborn class, you can be confident that you'll learn:

  1. Complete childbirth education to build your confidence.
  2. Partner skills to help your birth partner(s) help you -- and to feel connected and prepared.
  3. Self-hypnosis training to make labor and birth faster, easier, and more comfortable.
  4. Practical tools to prepare you for whatever happens in your labor and birth, and wherever it happens.
These are the foundations of Blissborn birth classes.

What's in it for you?

  • Includes a 246 page professional childbirth education manual, printed materials, and several guided self-hypnosis recordings for use at home.
  • Most Blissborn moms save 3-6 hours in the labor room, push for half the time, succeed at natural birth four times as often, and have much less (or no) pain. Their babies are born calm and alert.
  • Blissborn gives you the best of science, medical knowledge, mind-body therapy and childbirth education in a fun and inspiring class.
  • Blissborn uses time-tested and natural self-hypnosis techniques to put you in charge of your own body and mind.
  • Materials are modern, updated, and easy to use.

This is the only class you'll need.

  • We know you're looking for something that makes sense to you and your partner. After the class, you'll have a deeper understanding about yourself and your mind, and have those tools for the rest of your life.
  • Information is confidence. In this comprehensive class, you'll learn everything you need to know about hypnosis, anatomy, stages of labor, partner skills, possible interventions, positioning, birth preferences documents, possible complications (and what to do), choices after birth, and much more.
  • Classes are well-organized and efficient (we know you're busy). Information is relevant to where you are in your pregnancy.
  • You don't have to take anything on faith -- you'll learn and use simple but powerful techniques to work with pain, stay in control, relax your mind and body, release fears, and gain confidence in yourself and your amazing body.
  • Learn instant hypnosis with each contraction, in any situation — whether you give birth at home, in a birth center, or in a hospital.
  • Stay in hypnosis while opening your eyes and walking around.
  • We use real terms like "contraction" and "labor." When your body is doing the good work it does in labor, as the muscles of your uterus contract, your cervix opens and your baby moves through the birth canal. An accurate description of what is happening in your body is part of the blueprint you'll build as you practice. It's not magic, although it's a magical and amazing process.
  • We frame everything positively. If you were to say something like, "I'm not afraid," your mind would hear the word "afraid."
  • Instead, we encourage positive thoughts and words; for example, "confident," "strong," and "brave." We teach Comfort Techniques instead of pain control.
  • Each class builds on the last. Even if your due date limits the number of classes you can attend, you'll benefit from taking as many as you can.
  • Each class features activities, hypnosis, discussion, special training for birth partners, and a practice recording.
  • There is homework! You'll read more in the 246-page manual. The real homework is the relaxation, though. It is really nice to have a dedicated time to relax and think good thoughts.
  • We welcome your birth partners, doula, midwife or even your OB to join you in your classes.


Class 1: Discovering Self-Hypnosis
Learn the secret to profound relaxation that offers no resistance to labor, and how to re-activate it with a simple word prompt. Experience the power of visualization.
Class 2: Practical Skills for Mom and Partner
Moms need lots of support in labor! Partners become hypnosis coaches and learn about what REALLY helps moms. Practice staying in hypnosis while walking and opening your eyes. Learn about birth anatomy, terminology and phases of labor.
Class 3: Birth Without Fear
Fear is a message from the deeper mind. Learn to identify the fears that could derail an otherwise gentle birth, and transform them into calm and confidence.
Class 4: Tame Labor Pain with your Brain
Learn the secrets of the mind that have allowed people for thousands of years to reduce sensations in their bodies and suffering in their minds. Practice different ways to control sensations in hypnosis.
Class 5: Putting it all Together
Put together all the skills and info from the first four classes so you’ll feel confident and excited about your birth. Learn all about birth plans, labor positions and the pushing phase. Partners practice their ‘duties’ and special hypnosis techniques. Look beyond birth to your plans for the baby. Learn how to use hypnosis to speed healing, jumpstart breastfeeding and get by on less sleep. In hypnosis, create the blueprint for the labor and birth you desire.
Session 6: Bonus
This is a bonus recording to use in labor.

What to expect in your Blissborn course

Each class contains:
  • A review of the last class
  • What's happening in today's class
  • Activities
  • Discussions
  • Hypnosis (usually everyone's favorite part!)
  • Homework (really interesting reading and more hypnosis!)
  • Q & A time (in the live class) and email support (in the homestudy)
Classes also include real work on fears and comfort techniques.
Each couple gets:
  • a comprehensive 246-page Blissborn Parent Manual
  • A flash drive with all recordings:
    • six powerful practice recordings with great hypnosis sessions that correspond with the classes
    • BONUS: now included! "Time to Move" for when it's time to switch locations during birth
    • BONUS: now included! Postpartum recordings, including a general relaxation (not specific to pregnancy or birth) and a postpartum healing/breastfeeding recording
  • handouts, including glossy adhesive signs, Informed Consent cards, letters to your provider and team, and more!
  • cute temporary tattoos
  • a pen
  • a canvas bag to hold everything

Hypnosis is recognized world-wide as one of the most effective paths to a more comfortable, easier, faster and safer birth. Information junkies can find out more about it here.

Be prepared physically, mentally and emotionally for the most empowering experience of your life.

Find out why Blissborn moms are truly excited about giving birth: 

Online group (3 couples minimum) $350
Online private $550

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