A Loving Birth is owned and operated by Zeresh Altork, M.Ed., CD, CCE, CLC. She is a mother, certified doula, hypno-doula, certified breastfeeding counselor, certified childbirth educator, and certified hypnosis for birth educator. She has been a doula and childbirth educator since 2008 and has supported hundreds of couples on their journey to parenthood. She also has a Master's degree in Counseling and over 15 years of counseling and education experience, which gives her a unique and valuable set of skills that she is able to draw from. Having grown up in Spain she is fluent in Spanish. Which has also provided her with the opportunity to be world renowned midwife, author, and Waterbirth International founder Barbara Harper’s interpreter and coordinator for Waterbirth and gentle birth workshops in Spain.

From her first personal birth experience in 2008, and from speaking with other women and men she realized how little parents know about the choices and rights that we have surrounding birth, and how beautiful birth really can be. As a result trust in the birth process has been lost and in a lot of cases fear has taken its place. From that her passion was born and she decided to become a doula and childbirth educator; so she could educate, comfort, serve, and help mothers and fathers empower themselves on their journey to childbirth and parenthood.

Zeresh is constantly improving her skills and increasing her knowledge (as you can see listed below), she is very active in the birth community and actively promotes gentle birth. She goes above and beyond to provide the best doula services available. She has the skills to support any type of birth and helping all mothers have the empowered and loving birth they envision. Birth is one of the most life altering experiences a woman can have, as well as for the baby and partner, that is why it is so important to have the right information and be surrounded by the right people. People that respect what you want and care for you in a loving and supportive way.  
You deserve A Loving Birth!

A note from Zeresh: 

My goal is to serve parents in the process of creating the birth they envision, by sharing what I know as a mother, doula and childbirth educator, and by being a warm, loving and supportive presence.

On December 18th, 2011 I became a mother for the second time when I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. I've given birth twice, two completely different and special births in their own way. Both taught me a lot about myself and about birth. The first one with a very unnecessarily hands on midwife, and the second with a loving and trusting midwife. The trust she had in me and in birth, and the trust I had in myself (although not without my fears and doubts, we all have them, but I learned to acknowledge them) gave way to a beautiful, peaceful, and powerful birth in which I was truly the one giving birth. This experience not only taught me more about myself and birth, but also gave me more experience and insight on how to be a better childbirth educator and doula! I look forward to sharing that learning and passion with all the beautiful families that choose me to accompany them on their journey. 

If you feel I may be the right doula for you and your family please call me so we can talk and schedule a no obligation interview. 561-808-3142

Best wishes on your journey.

Zeresh Altork, CD(DONA), HCHD, CBE, M.Ed.

Slide Show/Video
The firts one is a slideshow of some of the pictures I have taken at births, always free!
The second is a from a birth I supported (please note there are graphic images).


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  • B.A. in Social Psychology. 1998
  • M.Ed. in CounselingBirth Counseling; supporting women who have experienced trauma from reproductive issues, loss or birth. 2001
    • CD: Certified Doula, initial training and certification through DONA. 2008
    • CCE: Certified Childbirth Educator through FOCEP (Florida Outreach Childbirth Education Program). 2010
    • Birth and the First Hour, Hospital Workshop. 2012
    • Spinning Babies Workshop with midwife Gail Tully, fetal positioning expert. 2013
    • The Importance of Skin to Skin with Dr. Adolfo Gomez Papi, neonatologist expert in his field and author. 2013
    • Fetal Life, Birth, and Health, three day workshop with Dr. Michel Odent, world renown OBGYN, natural childbirth specialist. 2013
    • Perinatal Water SessionsSM based on therapeutic studies, experience, and teachings from Waterbirth International Workshops. 2014
    • Birth in the Scientific Context, two day workshop and Interpreter for  Dr. Michel Odent, world renown OBGYN, natural childbirth specialist. 2015
    • Certified Breastfeeding Counselor through Florida Association of Healthy Start Coalitions, a UNICEF, Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, and Florida Board of Nursing approved course. 2016
    • Certified Blissborn® Childbirth Educator. A wonderful program for achieving a natural and loving birth. 2018



        With Barbara Harper, friend, mentor, world renowned midwife,
         author, and founder of Waterbirth International
        Barbara Harper in Spain

        The 1st Waterbirth Workshop with Barbara Harper in Spain

        With Michel Odent, world renowned
        obstetrician, author, and childbirth specialist
        With Gail Tully, midwife and Spinning Babies Founder

        With Laura Wood, CHt, BHE,  Blissborn Founder


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