Sunday, January 21, 2018

Hello again!

It has been a while since I've posted. I've had a lot going on! Lucky to have increased the number of home births I am attending.
When a woman is healthy and has a low risk pregnancy her best chances of having a safe, respectful, empowering and loving birth is at home. This is where I like to take my teachings to the next level, it is no longer as much about the interventions that occur, it becomes much more about each woman (and couple) (re)discovering her (their) power within. It is a beautiful thing to support and witness.

In addition to spending time supporting all the loving births, I've increased the amount of teaching I do. Both privately and in groups. In order to provide parents with the best tools and information possible I recently became a Blissborn Educator; a wonderful program that provides tools of self awareness, deep connection, and self hypnosis to help create the birth they envision.

I also upgraded to an awesome new phone that takes great pictures. I capture these special moments when I get the chance at no additional charge.

I am thankful for testimonials like the one below (which can be found on my Facebook page) to know that the love and dedication I put into each woman's birth comes across.

"Zeresh played a critical role in helping us manifest the at-home water birth of our dreams. Through various mental, emotional, and physical exercises, she expanded our knowledge and nurtured our confidence in the natural birth process. Zeresh helped cultivate a sense of calm that was crucial in maintaining a healthy mindset for optimal pregnancy and a smooth delivery.  Her wisdom comes from the heart; she speaks from passion, experience, and with great respect for the mother and sacred process.  She is an anchor for when questions or uncertainties arise, but she doesn't press a personal agenda - rather listens intently and addresses issues as a whole.  There were even times during her sessions that my partner and I came to tears of happiness...better communication and understanding between us was definitely facilitated by Zeresh...something for which I'm forever grateful, on top of all else!  Finally, when the big day came, Zeresh was first on the scene.  Every move she made was with great intention and without hesitation - the marks of a professional acting intuitively.  She knew just what to do and when to do it, and perhaps most importantly, she knew what not to do and helped keep the birth team in alignment with our plan.  I mostly just remember, though, that she was my angel that night.  Of course I now recommend her services at every opportunity.  She is the ultimate natural-minded cheerleader, confidant, and doula to have by one's side during these most sensitive and precious times.  Zeresh will be an invaluable asset on your journey.  And if you're lucky like me, she might even cook scrambled eggs for you while you're snuggling your newborn during those first skin-on-skin moments. We loved her and you will, too.  Cant thank her enough for being there for us.  Much love, Miloš + Nichole + Vukašin 🌹"

For more information and how I can support you on your journey feel free to visit the tabs on this site and/or give me a call. 561 808 3142


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