Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Opportunities

It is with love and excitement that I share that I am about to embark in a new journey involving my family, birth and the World! Yes, the World too!

That may sound like a tall order but it is an order I am called to follow! And I will do this with Love/God as my guide.

So what does that mean? For the whole picture you will wait and see but for now it means that I have decided to end my full time position with Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies; it has been wonderful and I have enjoyed my time with each and every mother and baby I have had the pleasure to support. HMHB is a wonderful organization, the work they do and the people that work there are one of the best I have ever encountered, but it is time to serve my family, and mothers and babies in another way. So this now means I am available to take more births!!! Yay!!!

I have decided to focus on an even deeper level to helping women embrace their pregnancy, birth and parenting journey to help them create not only a more enjoyable, positive, connected and empowering birth, but to also follow that path to create a balance for themselves and their children, so that their birth experience spills over into an empowering and positive journey in self-exploration and parenting. How will I achieve this? I won't, but you will! I will just be there to plant the seed, sprinkle it with some love and guidance, and you will have to water it and tend to it so it grows into a beautiful expression of your true brilliant self. What I will achieve is living in a way that I can fully and wholeheartedly put into practice what I preach and be the best example to my children and the women I serve, and any other person who chooses to allow me into their lives. I am excited and inspired and hope to share that with you!

If you are pregnant or know someone who is and ready to explore your own power and the power of birth please take a look at my Empowered Birth Package.
And stay tuned!!! I will be sharing my adventures which will include the minds and hearts of some amazing people!!! 

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