Monday, September 7, 2015

Special Gift, New Classes and More!

I am back in Florida and ready to take on birth clients and start the childbirth education classes and guided meditation sessions!

To celebrate my return I am offering a special gift certificate worth $50 off of any doula services or private childbirth education classes! There is an added bonus for the  "gifter"! All you have to do is print it, fill it out and give it to a mother-to-be. She will get $50 off and you will get a $25 appreciation check once services are contracted, as a thank you for helping create a loving birth! If you are the one seeking services the gift certificate will entitle you to $75 off!
NEW Meditation Series:
Barefoot and Pregnant... on the beach!
Come join me and other pregnant mothers and their partners every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 5:30 pm at Gulfstream Park (weather permitting, if raining we will gather at The Sol Oasis) in Boynton Beach for a FREE meditation session... a time to get away, put your toes in the sand and sea, calm your senses, and connect with your baby. Bring a towel. Meditations will start September 22. RSVP is a must by calling 561-808-3142.

Childbirth Education Series:
The new group series is set to start soon, they will be held in Boynton Beach, exact time and location will be TBA. They will be held once a week for 2 hours in a 4 week rotating series, so you can start at any time. Drop in for one or sign up for all. Individual classes are $25, $75 for all four.
Subjects to be covered are: Intervention Intelligence 1 & 2, Comfort Measures, and How to Create a Birth Plan. Great on their own, or as an addition and support to other childbirth education classes.
RSVP is a must by calling 561-808-3142.
Of course private Childbirth Education Classes are always available for your convenience.

News in the Birth World:
Did you know that the baby is the one that starts the birth process? That it is actually something in the baby's lungs that is released into the mother's blood stream that initiates labor? Did you also know that they just recently discover the actual proteins that are released by the lungs!!?? They discovered it a few months ago after many years of research. The baby is the driver of labor. It is so important to respect the chemical process that takes place in a beautifully orchestrated fashion. To learn more about this incredible finding see this link:

Parenting World:
It is hard to find evidence based holistic dental services, well, I am happy to say I did! Although a little far for us, as they are located in Miami, it was worth the drive. I took my daughter in who is prone to cavities. My son who is 7 years old doesn't have any and yet my daughter 3.5 has several. I am so happy to have found Assure a Smile. After one visit I feel it is the right choice for us and I am happy to refer them to anyone seeking a more holistic approach to dental care. Here is a link to their blog where not only can you access their office information but you can read interesting articles on oral health for the whole family.

I hope you found this post's information to be useful. Don't forget to take advantage of the gift certificates and sign up for the upcoming meditations and classes!

Today I leave you with my new logo/design that a client created for me. It is so beautiful! I am in love and so very thankful!
As always, thank you for your continued love and support,
Zeresh Altork, CD, CBE, M.Ed.

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