Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Will be back at the end of August!

Hello! I hope this post finds you well!

I have a lot of wonderful news to share and I finally have a return date to Florida!
All the workshops that I organized through  this June in Spain have been a success!!! The two full weeks of travel and workshops were filled with learning, inspiration, open minds and open hearts! We have shared days with midwives, doulas, obstetricians, pediatricians, heads of obstetrics, heads of hospitals, mothers, fathers and babies! There have been tears and smiles, questions and answers, and a desire for more! It has been an honor and a pleasure to organize all these workshops and be the professional interpreter for Barabra Harper, an amazing woman and world renown midwife, author, gentle birth expert and the founder of
Here are some pictures of the workshops :)

Workshop in Barcelona

                       Workshop in Madrid
Presentation at the Pius Hospital in Valls
I have to say being around such amazing people and so much learning I too have been able to soak up a lot of that learning and knowledge, ready to continue my journey not only as a doula but as a student midwife! That is right! I have finally decided to take the plunge and I have started to study to become a midwife!
In the mean time I am available and excited to be taking on new birth clients for due dates in September and beyond, I will be back in Florida at the end of August. If you are pregnant or know someone who is please feel free to email me or call me to see how I may best support your pregnancy and childbirth needs. (My Florida number is operational and of no cost to you even if you call me while I am in Spain).

As always, thank you for your continued love and support,

Zeresh Altork, CD, CBE, M.Ed.

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