Monday, April 6, 2015

Getting ready for Spain

I will be leaving for Spain on June 8th. I have a couple births coming up between now and then and am willing to take one more. However, I am slowing down a bit and will not be offering the free classes or meditations in the next few months because I am so busy organizing Barbara Harper's (internationally renown midwife, for you non-birth junkies) Waterbirth Workshops that will take place in Spain this June.  It will take place in 4 cities in Spain and they are continuing to fill up! Very excited about that! You can learn more at

Because of these workshops and my annual visits to Spain I will not be around for classes or births in June and July (unless you are in Spain, or want to come with me!). I don't have a return date yet, but will return for any clients that book with me with due dates around or after August. The next blog post will be when I have a return date. Until then I wish you a happy Spring and Summer.

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