Monday, January 11, 2016

Natural Childbirth Education Classes

Natural Childbirth Education Class Series
“When a pregnant woman has, or rediscovers trust in herself and her body, and receives the utmost respectful care and support, birth becomes a wonderful experience; not only because of the birth of the baby, but because of the immense love and power that she is able to feel.”

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Space is limited to 5 couples to insure an intimate setting and be comfortable in the space. You must RSVP. To reserve a spot please call 561-808-3142

Interesting info I shared in this month's Newsletter.

Birth World:
Newborn Hats. So it seems that in almost every birth picture you see the newborn babies with those cute little hats...  It is even a part of the adorable newborn first outfits... They have them at every hospital and the newborn nurses always insist on putting them on... but... are they really necessary? And could they even be harmful? The answers may surprise you:

Natural Birth Tip:
The epidural. It is not only about having a natural birth, it is about understanding the risks and benefits of the epidural. Sometimes it is very helpful but other times it causes more problems. Here is a link to an article tells you what you need to know about the epidural:

Parenting World:
Secure attachments. We all love our children, we all want to create a secure attachment with them, so why is it that according to this study 40% of children lack secure attachments??? Could it be that our "modern" way of living and doing things is removing us more and more from listening to our intuition and what we know to be right...???

I would bet none of my clients lack secure attachments! It is my priority! That is why you will rarely, if ever, see me in a pic holding a just born baby, because that baby belongs with his mommy! They have enough interruption as it is... Plus I educate them on the importance of skin to skin, breastfeeding, night time parenting, safe co-sleeping, and baby wearing... all things that can be done in the early stages to help create a secure attachment. Here is an article that shares the study and what things can be done in order to help create a secure attachment:

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Empowered, Connected Birth

Happy New Year!!!

I am happy to share that with the new year I am offering a NEW DOULA PACKAGE! The new birth package has been in the making in my subconscious for a while, looking for the right time and the right inspiration. I have been meditating regularly for the past few months, so with that and recent life experiences, I have been lead to create the birth package that  I feel will help women connect with the wisdom within in order to have a truly connected and empowering birth, to learn to be the ones who are truly giving birth... 

So without further ado here is the information on the new package!

Empowered Birth Package
Recommended for all women who want a natural and connected birth

  •  All that is included in the Basic and Premium Package plus... 
  • TEN two hour pregnancy conscious and birth empowerment meetings which will consist of custom meditations, educational classes, videos, crafts and practice sessions... There will be specific goals for each meeting, including:     
  1. What is an Empowered Birth
  2. Connecting with your Baby
  3. Connecting with your Body 
  4. Nurturing your Body and Baby
  5. Creating a Meditation Center
  6. Empowered Birth Plan - Setting intentions, letting go of expectations
  7. Connecting with your partner/support person 
  8. Empowered Labor and Birth Movements 
  9. After the Birth, Connecting
  10. Caring for and connecting with your Newborn 
  • Number of births taken will be limited that month to insure that no back-up doula will be needed due to other births. 
  • This is a very special and in depth package. The act of becoming pregnant is intimate,  so is giving birth. With this package you won't just get doula support in the traditional sense, the private and custom meditation and childbirth education sessions will be more in depth and more empowering. They will teach you to connect with your body and your baby, how to listen to your instincts, how to listen to your baby, and how to release resistance to reach a new level of awareness and conscious communication for you and your partner. You will learn that all you need is your body, trust in your instincts and the right care provider to birth the baby the way you desire. You will (re)discover instinctual positions to ease the birth of your baby and be the one to catch your own baby with your own hands and/or with the help of your partner. We will achieve this with weekly or bimonthly custom and private meetings throughout your pregnancy, from the time your contract services until your birth and into the post-partum period.

This is what you could look like when birthing your baby...

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